We prepare an in-depth Initial Credit Analysis to determine which specific areas of your credit reports can be improved. We also calculate your potential credit score if we are able to remove the inaccurate and negative information shown on the Initial Credit Analysis report. While it takes some time to make significant improvements to your credit score, we estimate that you will begin seeing results after 60 days. We will recommend a monthly service program that is appropriate for the objective you want to achieve.

We look forward to helping you begin the process back to financial independence!

Starter Package / Silver
(about 15% of customers)

($75/month and $99 startup fee)
  • Standard Negative Deletions
  • Minor Disputes
  • Basic Clean Up
  • Includes Opt-Out Reporting
  • Up to 10 deletions and 10 late payments updated
  • (2-3 months turn around)

Gold Package
(about 55% of customers)

($99/month and $99 startup fee)
  • Minimum Negative Deletions
  • Minimum Credit Disputes
  • Correct Payment History
  • Includes Opt-Out Reporting
  • Up to 20 deletions and 20 late payments updated

Platinum Package Advanced
(about 30% of customers)

($125/month and $99 startup fee)
  • Advanced Deletions and Public Records (repossessions, bankruptcy, tax liens and judgments, etc.)
  • Heavy Credit Disputes
  • Bad Debt Collector Disputes
  • Correct Negative Payment Histories
  • Includes Opt-Out Reporting
  • Unlimited Deletions / Unlimited Late Payments Updated