Our Story

AZ Credit Repair is an industrious credit repair and loan advisory and education platform that is transforming the way consumers manage their financial credit and service their outstanding debts. This will help in improving their credit rating and be eligible for loan qualifications. As determined consumer advocates, we offer free tools that will go a long way to helping our clients achieve their financial objectives. It pleases us to assist our clients in finding suitable financial products that can boost their credit scores.

What Sets Us Apart

We devote our time to research to deliver accurate information about the best products and services our clients need to regain their financial standing. We will give access to essential materials that will be your guide as you embark on rebuilding your credit rating. Here you will find names of various institutions that will help you achieve your goals, receive constant education on the process of credit repair including boosting your credit score, settling pending debts, rebuilding your credit and how to deal with creditors and debt collectors, as well as credit bureaus. We know that the only way to help you restore back your credit is through education.

Why we are here

We have a purpose of assisting you to acquire the things you want in life. We do understand that getting back your financial standing is quite challenging especially if you don’t know the regulations that govern the collectors, creditors, credit bureaus and even the credit repair process itself. We want to be the ones to hold your hand as you strive to rebuild your credit score. We will help you throughout the whole process until you are back on your feet again to enjoy low-interest financial packages and much more.


We are aware that dealing with collectors, credit bureaus, and creditors is a task that requires you to have extensive experience for you to reap good results. We have the skills, expertise, and tools that you require to confront any situation that credit bureaus, collectors and creditors present before you.

Creditor and Collector disputes

For you to achieve notable results, you have to surpass the credit bureaus since they are just one piece of the whole puzzle. We understand that the law permits you to take your dispute directly with collection agencies and creditors to have inaccurate information dropped off from your credit reports. It is due to this that we offer our expertise to help you to directly dispute with your creditors and collectors at no extra cost.

Hassle-Free Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your service, our credit repair programs have a no yearly or monthly contract. With our month-to-month services, you are allowed to cancel your services any time you want. Communicate with us with your request, and we will gladly cancel your service.

Free consultation

We want to ensure that you are gratified with our services before engaging us in the full program. That’s why we are granting you a free credit evaluation free of any charges.


We understand that such is a time when customer support means a lot to you as our client. We value business with you, and so we offer you our relentless support. Whenever you require our services, don’t forget to reach us through email or by telephone. Please give us 24 hours, and we’ll respond to your email requests.