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Removing inaccurate information from your credit report is the first step in getting back your financial life. The law permits every consumer to dispute inaccurate and erroneous information from their credit report if they feel that certain items are erroneous.


The second step to regaining your credit is by rebuilding it as we play our part in removing all the inaccurate information on the credit report. Once you receive the credit report from the credit bureaus and have it analyzed for inaccuracies, we can now start the process of credit repair Phoenix AZ. Removing negative items is not enough, you also have to prove to your creditors and FICO that you can make timely payments.

Raise Your Score

Step number three is getting back your credit is by working to raise your credit score. We do know that your credit score is your main determining factor for getting any loan approval from your lenders. With a low credit score, your loan application will be denied, and if it is approved, you will be subjected to high fees and interest rates. We liaise with banking experts and analysts to search for better deals and financial products that will help and not hurt your credit rating further.

Rejoice in Results

At AZ Credit Repair, we cannot guarantee you results, but we can attest to the fact that many of our clients have realized best results within 90 days of engaging our services.

Personalized Strategy

We understand that every customer’s situation is unique. Therefore, we build customized credit strategies that will help in reaching your goals and objectives in the stipulated time. We will prioritize your case from the very beginning until your full financial recovery.

Free Consultation

We do not just look to help you regain your financial standing by repairing your credit. We want to sit with you first and answer any questions you may have regarding our services and the credit repair process in general. We will offer you a free consultation to discuss your options once you give us a call.

We set high expectations

As a dedicated credit repair company, we set high expectations for ourselves. We will not only help you attain the highest credit score possible but also ensure that we guide you on better credit living by exploring ingenious financial avenues that will drive your credit score to the top. Our strategies will help you take charge of your credit and focus on investing in your future. We are credit repair Phoenix specialists and mentors who bring their expert knowledge, understanding, and support to the financial industry with real-time solutions for you to implement and eventually realize positive results.






Late Payments




Why Should I Choose Your Company?

We don’t only work to remove the negative inaccurate information from your credit report, we also give you the information you need to increase your credit score.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

You can expect to see results in as little as 30 days, with it taking up to 90 days in some cases.

How Will You Get My Credit Report?

There are a few different ways we can do this. You can sign up for something like privacyguard.com, which is a service that gives you access to all of your credit reports. You give the login information to us and we take it from there. Another option is for you to mail us hard copies of your report. You can also upload them to an online portal and send them to us that way.

Our Services


We have blogs on the education page of our website featuring articles with in-depth information about personal finance including restoring poor credit score, paying down your debts, credit management and investing wisely. In our efforts to keep you posted, we try to provide transparent and comprehensible content. We want to see you restore your financial standing, get access to mortgages, loans and more without having to incur high interests on bad credit loans Phoenix AZ due to your low credit rating.

Our Promise

We commit our time and expertise to assist our clients to rebuild and increase their credit score so that they can enjoy their financial freedom. Credit repair is a necessary venture that will ensure that all your dreams of accessing finances for your dream car, house or business is realized. Repairing credit can be as simple as disputing erroneous information on the credit report or as complex as correcting identity theft and associated damages. Our expert team comprises of like-minded individuals who share valuable knowledge of the credit industry to help you better your life. They will provide coaching on various aspects of credit repair as well as ways of getting approved for credit items such as cars, homes, bad credit loans and credit cards.

What We Can Do for You

It is not all black and white for a consumer to know the kind of loans or credits that are ideal for their situation without assistance and advice from experts. At AZ Credit Repair, we offer complete solutions and advice including a clear picture of your credit situation and the available loan packages, all in one place.

We will provide you with information and advice on;

  • Savings recommendations
  • Credit score & monitoring
  • Identity theft protection
  • How to dispute erroneous and inaccurate information on your credit score
  • How to repair and raise your credit score
  • When and how to negotiate with your creditors
  • How to find the best secured credit cards or bad credit loans
  • How to maintain a balance between your debts and your credit